Does your costume jewellery suit your shape?

Does your costume jewellery suit your shape?



Believe it or not, jewellery can have a significant impact on your appearance, in that it can manipulate the shapes of your face + body. By choosing the right jewellery you can balance your face shape, slim down roundness or help to fill out areas that need a little plumping! As much as we dress for our body shapes with clothes, we can dress for our shapes with fabulous accessories and accentuate our best features! 


Jewellery + Face Shape

Suppose you're Angelina Jolie and you want to subtlety tone down strong square lines and bring a softness to your face, looking for round, maybe teardrop earrings that will deflect squareness of your face is the go! Same goes for if you have a lovely round face, diamond shape or sharper shaped jewellery will compliment you best! Ultimately, go for the jewellery styles that are opposite of your face shape. 

Enhance the parts you love with jewellery in light/bold colours, and the parts you love slightly less, leave bare or just wear something simple that doesn't scream out, like all good costume jewellery does! 

Jewellery + Body 

When it comes to length and size, it's all about scaling to fit your own frame. Your jewellery should be balanced with your body size and proportions.  

So if you're Adele, relatively tall and voluptuous, a small dainty piece will simply go unseen on your frame and ultimately make you look bigger in comparison. 

If you're Sarah Jessica Parker though, large bulky jewellery will overpower and even emphasise your petite frame.

Jewellery + Facial Features 

Same goes for facial features... scale baby, scale! If you have large facial features, select larger earrings + necklaces to balance it. Small fine features - daintier jewellery will balance best. And if you're somewhere in the middle like me... medium sized jewellery is what you're looking for!

If you've got a large, wide shaped face like Cameron Diaz, you don't necessarily scale to face size... Rather select jewellery that will help elongate and draw the eyes down rather than across. So longer dangly earrings will suit you best!

Medium length dangling teardrop earrings are great for adding width on the bottom of your face (if you consider yourself to be a bit of a Toni Collette) while chunky studs will help add fullness and width to the whole face (perfect for the Scarlett Johansson's).

Jewellery + Bust Size

Generally speaking, a large bust needs larger necklaces to avoid making it look bigger, so chunky beads or collar-style necklaces will suit nicely! While a small - medium busted woman would be served best by a simple thin necklace with smallish pendant or a necklace that cascades (multiple thin necklace strings). Again, it's all about balance!

Jewellery + Neck Size

If your neck is your concern you can slim it down with long earrings, helping to create those vertical lines, drawing the eye up and down rather than across. The trick is just to make sure they don't fall below your chin (we want to avoid anything that creates width at the neck). Also try to avoid earrings that add bulk in general, like chandelier earrings.  

Avoid anything that draws a horizontal line at your neck. Best to go for faceted stone studs rather than large round button earrings and stick with long necklaces to add length to your neck region. The ideal length for a necklace is as long as your face from the chin down. Otherwise, you can also select low necklines that open up your chest. 

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  • Sarah Dyer