The Perennials

The Perennials


In this context we're talking about the perennials as a collection of 'add-ons' that will not only enhance your wardrobe but can transform your existing closet from a Summer to a Winter, year after year and all through the shoulder seasons. Planning a new season of clothing can be a little testing, particularly when it comes to practicality vs. style. What we still feel comfortable in from LAST Winter and what really truly needs to go!  Doing the annual clean out means deciding which pieces we love, which pieces we can't do without, pulling out last winter's pieces and seeing what still fits - maybe you loved that tunic, but it has shrunk since last year. WELL we have devised a new way of handling the seasonal changeover, keeping the "umming" and "ahhing" to a minimum... and the secret lies in 'The Perennials'.

There are some garments that solve 'problems'. Obviously covering the knees + arms seems to be high on our list and a constant request from our girls. As is having breathable fabrics, ideally ones that need minimal ironing, layer well and pack easily for travel. Because if there's ever a time you want to be lazy or get out of the cold 'n go on holiday, it's Winter! So here at Kobomo we stock a number of these 'problem solvers' that virtually don't need thinking about and work for your wardrobe season in season out. 

We've road-tested these over the past few years with our customers here in the shop. We know they work. Our customers are repeat buyers, adding more colours to their own collections. So we're thinking the only problem you may have in purchasing one of these is that it may be the beginning of a very strong addiction! 

You can find all the garments by clicking on the hyperlinks below! 

Polished Sleeved Top 

Stretch Cotton Slip

Long Capri Pant

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  • Sarah Dyer