Sizing labels, cutting through the confusion


Clothing sizes vary greatly between country, store and even brand. As there is no universal sizing system and the current system was developed many years ago, my best advice is to use sizing as a basic guide only. I'm sure you'd find a range of sizes in your wardrobe even if your weight has not changed much.

As our designs are created in-house by Karen, the Kobomo Team know the garments well and how they fit to the body (eg some styles may be roomy in the bust whilst others might work well for those with wider hips). As a team we try hard to get to know and understand our customers so they leave happy and confident with any purchases. Sometimes we may make a suggestion to try something different to what you'd normally choose too, if you're open to try you might be pleasantly surprised!

Take a range of sizes into the change room to find your best fit. Don't get too caught up in the number/name on the label (if it worries you that much just scribble it out when you get home).

Remember it's how the item makes you look and feel, not what the number on the tag says.

Happy shopping, Team Kobomo



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  • Karen Ormerod