A History of Giving



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At the core of KOBOMO is a true love for giving and creating meaning through contributing to, and supporting not just the women in our community but individuals abroad. KOBOMO works in collaboration with two organisations (Buy1 Give1 & Free to Shine) that ultimately help to improve the quality of life for those living in underprivileged regions of underdeveloped nations through means of education, food and/or liberation from depraved conditions.

“What ‘Free to Shine’ have shown me, and what they do incredibly well, is working with local people to solve local problems. If I was ever going to do something with KOBOMO overseas, I'd put it in the hands of someone else that was already doing it really well. If I was to set a KOBOMO industry up somewhere the natural thing to do would be in production, to own the whole supply chain.” - Karen

While KOBOMO has already grown significantly since it’s humble beginnings, Karen see's great potential for growth saying, “I feel like we've only just put the very thin layer of building blocks on when I think of what I want KOBOMO to be able to do for people. With the shop, the website, the team of people… I think there's extraordinary potential if the circumstances are favorable, if the wind blows our way. It's all there to blossom in a really big way."

The relationship between Kobomo, Free to Shine and B1G1 came about in a fairly organic way. It was at a Paul Dunn (B1G1 CEO) marketing seminar that the penny dropped for Karen and KOBOMO was changed for good!

"...In the first ten minutes Paul said ‘It's not what you do that's important, it's why you do what you do.’ I almost fell of my chair...THAT gave me the focus. I'd been looking for THAT answer.” 

This revelation was the golden ticket, an element so central to the existing structure of KOBOMO!

“It was so important to me I couldn't talk to anyone about it for about six weeks. I connected with B1G1 online and started doing transactional giving for the shop. But I hadn't told my husband, hadn't told friends – it was almost like it had clammed me up because it was so important. I was so excited about doing it this way and pivoting my business around giving back.”


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