One of those days...



Every woman knows that kind of day where you wake up and you simply do NOT feel that you can join the rat race again. 'Maybe tomorrow, but just not today... please just not today'. You also know that it's a mere fairytale to think you could actually ignore the millions  of 'to-dos' or the ruckus kids who are momentarily going to enter the room and so lovingly end your peace and quiet. On these days it takes an extra inner-strength to push the noise aside and look after our minds. If you simply can't take a day off from life, I often find a specific few things that work for me! They're a bit silly but a great help in avoiding being a total grinch for a day! In a funny way they all feel like small victories that carry me through to the end of the day with a smile! 


1) Force myself to slow down (usually by spending an extra 3 minutes in the shower to make sure I'm not rushing into my day.) 

2) Walk out the door in an item of clothing that makes me feel GOOD! (My hottest pair of jeans.) 

3) Smile at people that look particularly grumpy! (I get quite a big kick out of this one!)

4) Randomly let people know how much I appreciate them even if it seems completely odd to them! 

5) Start my day with a bowl-sized cup of coffee! (mmmm...) 


Positive mind, positive vibes, positive mind... <3

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