Traveller 'must-haves' (Pt. 3 The Americas // North)


The Americas offer vast terrains of dessert to mountain ranges and everything in between. Whether you're doing it on the cheap or under 5 stars, one thing is for sure, you're going to have the time of your life with free re-fills and obscure food joints. It's a colourful place and anything is to be expected with the abundance of different cultures from the southern cowboys to the jazzy cats of New Orleans. Whatever you're going for, what ever your scene there's a few staples I can safely say will do you well in the United States and Canada. 




Batwing T-shirt // Charcoal
$22.50 AUD 

This top is a great throw-on for any occasion, especially the airplane! It's a free-size fit and cotton blend so handy for those warm Californian days! It's a basic but it's not boring! Easily dressed up with some jewellery and a nice pant, is light in your suitcase, soft and doesn't wrinkle easily. It will serve you well in a day or night setting and keep you comfortable all the way through! It could be a day on the sand or a night at the comedy club, you'll find yourself reaching for this one a LOT! We also have this same cut top in a jersey fabric if you're a bit of a jersey loyalist and it comes in white too!


Ruffled Leather-Look Crop Jacket // Black, Stone, Brown
$74.70 AUD

trendy fitted jacket that looks super hot with a pair of jeans and boots or a nice wide-legged pant and heels! For a smart/casual evening setting, perhaps the perfect thing for a evening spent in an underground jazz bar in New Orleans! The frill detail offers a great individualistic style, a great touch to a basic outfit! A lightweight jacket that folds up small for the suitcase and creases can be rubbed out quite easily!


Freda Ethnic Tunic Dress // White, cobalt, pink, green, black, yellow

$69.70 AUD

An ideal garment for warmer days spent along the Californian coastline, meandering the piers and beachfront shops. The wrinkle effect makes it superb to travel with because the more wrinkles the better! Simple but elegant for a bit of daytime beach wear. Nice and light for the suitcase and nice and bright for the sunny days! 



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