Traveller 'must haves' (Pt. 4 The Americas // Central + South)



“It was almost May. I knew that New York was getting warm now, that London was wet, that Rome was hot -- and I was on Vieques, where it was always hot and where New York and London and Rome were just names on a map.”

― Hunter S. Thompson




Draping Kaftan Maxi Dress // Paisley

Beautiful bohemian dress that flows wonderfully, open and cool for those very hot Costa Rican days. Looks fantastic with sandals - the perfect dress for roaming the local markets in. With a very South American-style print, you'll be looking and feeling the part! This dress is so wonderfully complemented by jewellery, it's a fab excuse to buy up those aztec design cuff bracelets and all the turquoise your heart desires! Back to practicality, the busy patterns help mask the creases which is VERY handy if you're living out of a backpack and the packing method is to scrunch as small as possible! This is a great full outfit that is light to carry, cool and satisfies both night and day activities ! can be made to look very sexy with a pair of tan scrappy heels, perfect for a fun night out latin dancing! 



Short Capri Pant //Black, melon, aqua, hot pink, white, teal, navy, beige, cobalt blue              $34.50 AUD

I've said it before and i'll say it again - these pants are SO versatile and SO cool! Ideal for warm weather and days filled with walking! Elastic waist, double stretch fabric and they look smart! They're thin but durable and come in SO many colours you could have a different colour for every day or every outfit! Great under short dresses or tunics if you just want that little bit more coverage while keeping the elegance of whatever you've got on top! They don't really require ironing because they're stretch so that's another plus! Whether you're wearing them out to dinner under a nice flouncy top, on a six hour train journey or hiking to Machu Picchu, these pants will serve you well!


Sleeveless Tank Top // Black, green, navy, orange, turquoise, pink, red, lavender, white
$24.70 AUD

Easy, soft, flowing fabric to make travelling a breeze. Lots of room in these tops, especially around the arms, they're light as a feather and have a flair all of their own. They're great for warm climate travels for obvious reasons. As well, they come in a range of wonderful, bright and dark colours for varying occasions. They look great with a throw-over or shawl if you want to keep well covered around the arms.  

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