Love fiercely, dare greatly!




As Summer slowly creeps back, I am reminded of how vivid and exciting this place is! The longer days and the warmer nights open up a whole new realm of things to do with the ones we love! 

Spring/summer means a new array of colours, sunset BBQs on the water, night swims and ultimately a whole new perspective on the year as everything begins to wrap up into one neat little year. Time begins  to move faster and all the workings from throughout the year begin to fall into place, it's an exciting time!  decisions are made, risks are taken and life is breathed back into the small coastal towns that have been void of visitors for the most part of the year. 

If there's one thing the wrapping up of one year and introduction of a new reminds me, is that life passes swiftly, and that what it's all about is small acheivements, loving fiercely and daring greatly! 


Ultimately it nudges me forward, drives me to Carpe the HELL outta this Diem before the year is up! Spectacular outfits, spectacular colours, spectacular FUN - Here I come!! 

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