The World Is Your (always) Oyster!





When you're young, you're constantly told that the world is at your fingertips, that it is an "oyster" all of your own, as if one day it won't be.

When you're young you have so many things, this is true - except you usually dont have money and you usually don't have yourself together enough to know what you're about, what you really like or want. Which I think, retrospectively can be a beautiful thing but at the time it's kind of stressful especially when you're experiencing 50 different emotions per hour! 

We're going so fast trying to get everything done and sorted before the world is no longer ours to venture, but actually - isn't the world is always our oyster? no matter how old we get, we're still living in it and we're still changing! I think it will be nice to see the world when I'm older, have a completely different experience of places where I'll be drinking fine wine, and doing it slowly - appreciating everything in front of me fully because I know for certain, that the race is only really against myself because change never ceases to occur, there is no one way to get somewhere. 

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