What Sex & The City can teach us about FASHION...





Basically this.... ANYTHING GOES! (and NOT just in NY) 

It seems to me, the basic principal is this - if you're comfortable, if you're feeling your most fabulous in what you're wearing and have a little sass to go with it - the rules are out! Since fashion is art then I suppose the fashion world has been pulling inspiration from the likes of Picasso, Dali and Carrie lately!

Rules such as, no patterns with patterns, no brown with black, no black with navy, no shoulder pads (unless it's costume) - Fairly redundant rules now! The fashion world is going nuts, ugly things are pretty and pretty things are ruined with horrific shoes... but it's all there, on the runway, so I for one am rolling with it! Fashion right now reminds me of dress ups as a kid where you pull oversized costumes out of the toy box and throw on a pair of your mums naff heels to top it off. 


30 of Carrie's most ridiculous outfits:


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