Spring into Summer!


I'm currently in the beautiful city of SYDNEY. This week we've had 35+ degree days and I was thanking the heavens that I'm situated a 5 minute walk to Bondi beach. 

Was a scorching reminder that Summer is almost here and very toasty days are ahead of us! Those type of days where you take a cold shower and don't even need to towel off because the moisture has already evaporated from your body within a few moments of stepping out. The type of days where you think about putting on clothes and then think again and instead close all the shutters in your house and walk about in your unmentionables! 

Summer can be bliss but it can also be blistering - in the spirit of being well prepared here's a few great light options worth picking up! 


 Sleeveless, full-length tiger print cotton summer dress.

Draping Bias Cut Dress // Animal Print


Cotton shirt top/dress/tunic. Pleated front detail, ruffle v-neck w/ aztec pattern red, yellow, blue

Jennifer tunic shirt top // Red


Cotton v-neck button up flowing tunic top.

Sleeveless Tank Top // White, black, green, orange, navy, turquoise, pink, red, lavander 



*Available online & in store*

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