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I sat down routinely this morning at The Modern Bakeshop Cafe in Revelstoke to drink coffee and write something about style. I got my coffee, but between coffee and writing I got stuck, stuck entirely in a song. I was so drawn to it instantly and could feel a very real shift in myself, "do other people get this?" I thought. The song itself has no lyrics, it's just a repetitive series of synthesised notes, but it's on repeat and I can't turn it off! I remember one day my cousin telling me that she doesn't really like music, that she could easily go without. I stood silent, unblinking, staring at her for about three minutes expecting something horrendous to happen... much like in Peter Pan when a fairy dies every time someone says they don't believe in fairies.

Still, I KNOW how music has the capacity to make me feel euphoric, focused, clear headed, care free, angry, sad etc. I presumed she was just listening to all the wrong stuff! Music is everything to me, I rely on it more than most things, it's the only thing I get truly emotional about... that and puppies. 

I'm going to explore how different people perceive music differently and why and post my findings as I go, (in between actual style relevant posts of course) because I find it mind-blowing frankly, that we are all experiencing sound so differently! 

Below is a diagram of all the different parts of the brain that music affects... It's not small! How these parts of our brain behave is key to how we experience music, how certain notes or tones of different instruments will trigger different reactions in people, not because it's learnt but because we were all born with individualistic brains which receive and compute sound differently. 

Interesting point number 1: 

There are two types of emotions relative to music. There is 'perceived' emotion and 'felt' emotion. Perceived emotion is about understanding the emotion of the song through notes and tones but not actually FEELING it. Ultimately this explains why some people can listen to sad music and find it relaxing or enjoyable rather than actually being depressed by it, while others listen to it specifically to wallow This also might explain a little bit about how me and my cousin differ, if she is perceiving rather distantly, while I am feeling. 




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