Do I really look like that?



                              ...Probably not.

Women are notoriously harsh critics, mainly when it comes to themselves! This is why there's such a devastating number of women with body dysmorphia and/or the inability to appreciate what they have! In today's society the pressure is only getting greater and body based insecurities can just kind of hit you, out of the blue, because of a BONDS poster ad you saw in your peripheral last Tuesday. It's not detrimentally damaging to your mind, but it's niggling - Often I find simply being good to yourself can be the best defence! Here's what I mean...
Have you ever woken up one day and suddenly felt really fat, fatter than usual, so much so you decide to hit the gym? And suddenly after two gym sessions you think that you've actually got a more toned booty? Obviously this is a delusion, you can't look like J. Lo in two gym sessions, BUT I think it speaks pretty loudly of the fact that maybe we accept ourselves more when we know we're treating ourselves better! 
The thing is, sometimes we can't change our bodies, sometimes we are what we are, and what would this world be without variety! But we can change our minds about how we think of ourselves  and treat our bodies. If what you put in is what you get out and you want your output to be SUNSHINE... then be kind to yourself, eat well, move, dance, dress in what makes you FEEL GOOD and LOVE yourself!
In turn, a lot of the body image noise seems to be drowned out because your body FEELS good! and it feels good to be YOU! It's hugely important for us as mothers, lovers, mentors and grandmothers to be happy in our skin! it affects those around us more than we think! Even when our negativity is internalised and at ourselves, it is always debilitating to a degree. The simple fact is, we do less and we laugh less when we're self-conscious ! But you're wonderful and people deserve all of you! So this is all this is, a mere reminder to love yourself and to shine on you crazy DIAMONDS! 

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