Life is too short to blend in.


At Kobomo we really DO colour. And we do it in a riot of paisleys, patterns and not-at-all subtle prints. So when we say we are "Creating to brighten your day" you can see our intention right there on our hangers.

The kaleidoscope of KOBOMO is definitely not for everyone. I will love and grow my own (quite substantial) collection of solid black jersey for ever more. I am happy in black. But when the balmy breezes of summer start to flavour our spring air I notice the monochrome clad shoppers catching a scent of pretty pattern. They too want to pepper their new-season wardrobe with pretty colours as they review our busy racks.

The colourful, patterned pieces we purchase might not live so long in our wardrobe. We might tire of them more easily than our classic basic wardrobe essentials. But then our own seasons change before we know it and fleeting moments of summer fun are memories too soon.

And in my heart I know that life is too short to blend in.

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  • Karen Ormerod