Hello creative me!

Hello creative me!

So often I hear people deny their capability for creativity. It's an easy accident to go our whole life saying "i'm not the creative type". Largely because it's human nature to organise things into boxes, including ourselves! While we categories ourselves into one box, we eliminate the possibility of fitting into another. i.e if I'm a numbers person I'm not good at art, I'm not creatively minded. The thing I've come to realise is... absolutely EVERYONE is creative. It's inherent in humans to create... much like we are born with the ability to make sound, we are born with the ability to create! The problem is in the way we define 'creative' in the confines of art, writing or performance. Creating is a deeper experience than many people think and in fact can seriously impact your quality of life for the better. Creating is putting into form a new perspective on the world in an artistic way. Creativity is a habit, like exercise, it's hard to get into sometimes, to engage; but when you do it changes the way you live and open spaces of your mind that you didn't know were there, broarden your perspectives and overall make your approach to life a better one. I believe this whole heartedly. What's more is creating is of great phsycological benefit. Of course we can't all be published writers, renowned artists or selling millions of records. But that's not WHY we create. We create because we can and  and because this way of expression feels GOOD! Finding HOW one is creative, can take some time but is worth all it's efforts. Whether it's building sandcastles or creating recipes, writing haikus or moulding sculptures - it just takes a START. 


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