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Kokomo fibre & bead wrap bracelet Kokomo accessories, cotton scarf, art deco earrings.


Accessorising helps to tie an outfit together, to complete it and give it some intriguing quality. More than anything though, it's the best way to add your own flavour to your outfit, a little spice, a little personality! While we all wear clothes that are mass produced and in a society where many garments are 'same same' from one store to the next creating some point of difference can be important to us. To some of us though, accessorising does not come so naturally. I for one own very few pieces of jewellery and tend to find that too much simply makes me feel uncomfortable. Accessorising doesn't need to be in abundance to make a difference to your outfit. If you're not a big jewellery girl, thats okay! Minimal jewellery can be JUST as effective as a lot, after all, the world's most elegant woman, Coco Chanel said the following in reference to accessorising, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." If you're good with jewellery, then go with that! If you're better with hats, then that's just as appropriate as glam. Often for myself I make more of an effort with my eye makeup and hair rather than wear more jewellery. I enjoy looking fancy yet understated and in my opinion, pretty eyes and a smallish pair of earrings can look just as classy and fabulous as a neck full of gold. The key thing to remember that if it doesn't feel right on you, it's not you. It can take a little consideration to find what jewellery or accessory (scarf, hat, cuff, hair-clip etc.) suits you personally, start with paying attention to colours. Which colours you like, what you tend to wear on your eyes and the colours you're drawn to in decor. These colours are probably the colours you're going to feel most comfortable in when you start accessorising. Remembering that everything we wear reflects elements of who we are, I like to be sure I'm mimicking myself and my own individual taste is on display, because after all - isn't that why we love fashion so much?For the beautiful things, the garments that make us feel GOOD in our skin!


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