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Yes, it's important to look good at work, but not at the expense of comfort! Certainly it's more ideal to first and foremost be comfortable at work and then just happen to look fabulous doing it, no? For busy women of the workforce, there are many demands on our lives from virtually every angle! If there's one demand we should be making of ourselves, it's to keep comfortable; because comfortability is surely the key to sanity and therefore SUCCESS!  

There's plenty of black + white work basics out there, lovely tailored pieces that, if we're being real...are about as comfortable to move in as an eighteenth century cage crinoline; and WE ladies, are modern women! In the spirit of comfortable, sane, success, here's some fab pieces you might just fall in love with. For the workplace, for the social scene, these basics will serve you well in multiple aspects of your life. Slimline cut with a tailored look to keep the bosses happy! The most fantastic thing about these pieces is they are double-stretch rayon, they don't pill and they hold their vibrancy of colour! They look good on, they feel good on and you don't have to do that mad rush to get out of your work clothes the second you get home... you may just want to stay in them a while longer! ;) 

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Tube Skirt

Sleeveless Jersey Dress

Square Stretch Plain Tee

Let It Be Dress 

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  • Sarah Dyer