Let It be 'chit chat'

Let It be 'chit chat'



Our Let It Be dress is hands down our best all-rounder dress. We know our ladies love the easy and classic design of the Let It Be and its versatility; its ability to be dressed up and dressed down. There's a lot of 'chit chat' around this dress, mainly I think because of its 'onesize fits/suits most' nature - too good to be true right? 

The thing about this dress is that we've made it with so many different women in mind; for the Vanessa's, the Kathy's, the Sharon's, the Sandra's, the Jacquie's AND the Carol's. This dress loves ALL our girls! 

I thought I'd just do a little write up around some of the questions we get a lot about the dress. 

We frequently get asked things like "I'm a shortie, is this going to look any good on me?"  We make this dress in two lengths, we make the shorter one specifically FOR our shorties, because some of the girls in the shop aren't the 5'8 - 6' freakishly tall models we show them on in the photos! (I can say that because that's me and my sister :p) So good news there too, the longer dress no doubt looks fab on our taller girls too! Even on our really tall girls, the longer length still drapes beautifully to the knee. 

Naturally we also get asked a lot about bust size and if our bigger busted girls can work it. Absolutely! this dress can work for up to about a size F, it's more a matter of where your other curves are. Sometimes this dress won't work for certain pear shapes, but then there's times that it does too, more dependant on height etc. It's always easiest to try it on in situations like this, but so many of you are scattered so far around the globe, that's impossible! So we're always more than happy to just refund your money straight away if you get the dress in the post and it doesn't fit the way you wanted. No problems there! 

When it comes to sizing, this dress comfortably fits our size 8/10's to 20. The dress just fits a little different but doesn't at all loose it's style through the sizes. On a smaller narrower shape this dress will be a very 'draping style' where as on our bigger girls they will find a tighter fit around the bust for sure and a little less draping. The integrity of the dress though, remains in tact! 

The pockets and draping around the hips tends to be an initial concern for our more hippy girls but generally speaking, once the dress is on you'll see that the draping smooths out more than 'adds to' the extra bits and bumps and balances out top and bottom quite well. 

To our mums-to-be, YES this makes a fantastic, stylish maternity dress with plenty of stretch and room to grow with you. It's a flattering design on our glowing girls and offers  breathability and ease of movement, particularly when it comes to getting it on and off! 

Finally, what we make this fab dress with - This is a rayon stretch fabric. A natural fabric made from the pulp of bamboo which is highly sustainable and ethical because bamboo is so fast growing and easy to produce without stealing it from the Panda bears ! It holds many great qualities including breathability and holding vibrant colours really really well. Once you feel how nice this fabric feels you'll want to turn your whole wardrobe into jersey! 

Hope this was somewhat helpful and informative for y'all

Big love,

Sarah <3

Click here to see our locally designed, ethically produced + handmade Let It Be dress.



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  • Sarah Dyer