Nan's The Word!

Nan's The Word!

Christmas buying for the kids is not always a simple task!

If it's not the fact that you don't know how much they've grown this last week, it's wondering what their latest obsession is or that they're relatively reckless little creatures so nothing even remotely breakable will live to see the next day! Cheques are out of the question, they'll likely get eaten or lost, and besides - something a little personal and lovely from Nan is always nicer! Clothes are always a practical gift for kids, but not always at practical prices or in practical styles.

We make (for this exact reason) wonderful quality clothes for kids that LAST! In soft stretch fabrics that don't pinch or itch. No whacky prints or tacky logos (so they can't outdate), our kids pieces made for play! Incredibly durable in easy-fit styles for flexible sizing - simple but fun, mix 'n' match kids basics!

For babies + Tweens - our kids basics are fantastic quality + ethically made by hand at reasonable prices.

Here's the collection!

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  • Karen Ormerod