S-t-r-e-t-c-h Capri Pants!


A great pair of pants can be SO hard to find. Then getting your fit right is even harder again! So when you've seen our range of stretch capris you might find we've just solved this problem for you. 

A classic mid-rise cut with two handy pockets, these capris really are the best on-the-go bottoms for a busy lifestyle. They've got great stretch for all-day comfort which will have you reaching for them in your wardrobe every other day.

Select your preference for a relaxed leg or more fitted styling, turn them up to wear with a heel or tuck them into your favourite winter boots. Long or short, these capris are the most versatile 'bottoms' you'll wear!

Available in black, navy, white, nude beige, silver, charcoal and (new!) olive green, we're running them in sizes 8 to 20.

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  • Karen Ormerod