Oh hello!

It's a big world (wide web) + we are so pleased you found our online shop right here.

Have you visited our clothing shops in the Noosa Village Shopping Center recently? We love connecting with our customers face-to-face. We have a team of quite remarkable women running the shop each day. When you pop in you'll feel there's a buzz about the place making it a fun + comfortable experience whether you are shopping up a storm or just trying  on some new looks.

Our online sales are managed straight out of our boutiques so it's these same women assisting with your order. So if you want to pick up the phone and ask any questions about the garments or styles your interested in here do jump on the phone and call us on (07) 5449 9330.

We've been asked again + again to make our colourful ranges of clothing available online. While we can photograph some of our beautiful cotton dresses, paisley blouses + our ethnic embroidered tunics, it is a little harder to capture the authentic conversation, compassionate nature and overall feel-good vibe that really rocks our shop. But we're excited to give it a go for you.