Kid's Sizing


Our baby's and kid's clothing designs are all about flexibility and adjustability. Soft, stre-etchy cotton fabrics and clever pattern making combine to create clothes that fit little people for sooooo much longer!

The iGrow Pants size range will see your kids from newborn baby to well into tree-climbing age ( least 6 years old, anyway). As they grow taller the wide waistband remains comfortable while these practical pants become a 3/4 pant!

I suggest you select your size based on the waist-to-hem length appropriate for your child's height. The fold-over waistband allows you to fit the pants with a bigger fold initially and as your child grows less of a fold is needed to fit an appropriate length (and the below measurements are then a hip-to-hem length).

0 to 6 months: 27 cm or 10.5 inches

6 to 18 months: 30 cm or 12 inches

1 to 2 years: 36 cm or 14 inches

2 to 4 years: 41 cm or 16 inches

3 to 5+ years: 53 cm or 21 inches

Selecting an iGrow Tshirt size is all about personal style! The soft, stretchy cotton allows for a snug, 'body shirt' fit ideal for layering under dresses, sweaters and button-down shirts. Alternatively, a larger sizing sits neatly around the neck and shoulders while giving a loose, longer body fit. So, your little one will fit 2 of our sizes at any one time...just choose your own style! Designed with a shorter (not-quite 3/4) sleeve, i Grow Kids Tees will keep little hands free and clear for exploring their world.

My iGrow Skirt design is the same adjustable, comfortable fold-over waist as the iGrow Pants. The hip-to-hem lengths on the skirt are:

0 to 12 months: 13 cm or 5 inches

1 to 2 years: 18 cm or 7 inches

2 to 4 years: 23 cm or 9 inches

3 to 5+years: 28cm or 11 inches

If you are after any more specifics on sizing or fit, please send me an email and we'll get back to you asap.