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Kobomo goes Jillaroo in the Snowy Mountains


The past few weeks we've been traipsing around the chilly hillsides of the Snowy Mountains on brumby, on foot and on snowboard. The Jillaroo/ snow-grom lifestyle is really a blissful existence, though it has it's downfalls, mainly, a serious lack of wifi. 

Regardless, we have enjoyed our time in the great outdoors immensly and have been taking the time to let go and breath in the fresh air as well as snap some photos here and there :)

It's a wondrous thing nature, particularly when one is without distractions from the online world. You become more aptly aware of the vast beauty in which you live // A surge in mental energy and growth in your capacity to embrace the moment WHOLLY // Side-affect: heeling from the damage that the daily grind has on your psyche. I think it's imperative for our mental health to feel that total connectivity to nature from time to time, for however long it takes our minds to unwind enough to notice WHOLLY what's in front of us - our family, our life, the true expanse of our surroundings, the beauty in the water rippling downstream and APPRECIATE it, because THESE are the MOMENTS that MATTER.