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The Clever Dress

Nella dress, kokomo fashion, little black dress, summer tunic top.

Our Nella dress is SUPER versatile, stylish and works the curves fabulously. Warn as a top this number helps to hide all the extra bits and looks excellent with a pair of denims and heels. With gaping arm openings, tight strapless tube under layer and a loose fitting outer layer; as well as being very sexy this dress also works really well for our breastfeeding mums because of the easy access and the coverage provided by the outer layer. 

A tunic that works for an array of shapes! We love our Nella... <3



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5 Ways to know that 'Hunni, it ain't workin'




Sometimes we walk into a shop, try something on and while we're completely sold on a garment itself, we gaze into the mirror for and undesirable amount of time hoping to put our finger on what it is that's just not working! 

Here's 5 ways to know if it's right or wrong for you: 

1) You got it on, so it fits right? - not so. Often for myself I find it's as simple as trying either the size up or down depending on the design of the garment. Often garments have minimal difference between sizes and it might just offer you a bit more or less room in the area it requires. I often have trouble when it comes to dresses with everything fitting  perfect except the shoulders are just a smidgen too small. One size up usually does the trick and still fits well around the waste and often even gets me some more length which is always a plus for tall people! 

2) Is the colour complimenting your skin tone or not? The best way to decipher this is to ask one of the girls in the shop. Regardless of your hair colour, your skin tone will will be best suited to Autumn, Winter, Summer or Spring colours. The dress might be great, but the colour could be off and we will probably have a different option for you to try because...not everyone can wear yellow! 

3) Does it cut you funny? If an item cuts you in the wrong spots in that it draws unflattering lines, again, it could be a size issue or it could be that the design of the garment just isn't quite tailored to your body shape. Not your fault, that's just life! Often I find this when I try on pants that are supposed to sit below the knee but on me sit ON the knee, it makes my legs look weird and pulling them up or down only makes them sit funny on the crotch. 

4) Does it look like you? No? probably because it's something your mum or friend persuaded you would look good on you but you never even noticed it in the first place. I have a very basic rule when it comes to buying clothes, it's this: If it doesn't look like ME I'm not buying it, because I KNOW I will never wear it outside of the change room.

5) The longer you stare at it, the less you like it. Clothes should GROW on you. 

Well these are the things I look at when I'm trying to make clothing decisions. I also always make a point of not asking my mother's opinion, it's never a fruitful exercise, we have different tastes! (heheh :D) 

What Sex & The City can teach us about FASHION...




Basically this.... ANYTHING GOES! (and NOT just in NY) 

It seems to me, the basic principal is this - if you're comfortable, if you're feeling your most fabulous in what you're wearing and have a little sass to go with it - the rules are out! Since fashion is art then I suppose the fashion world has been pulling inspiration from the likes of Picasso, Dali and Carrie lately!

Rules such as, no patterns with patterns, no brown with black, no black with navy, no shoulder pads (unless it's costume) - Fairly redundant rules now! The fashion world is going nuts, ugly things are pretty and pretty things are ruined with horrific shoes... but it's all there, on the runway, so I for one am rolling with it! Fashion right now reminds me of dress ups as a kid where you pull oversized costumes out of the toy box and throw on a pair of your mums naff heels to top it off. 


30 of Carrie's most ridiculous outfits:

The World Is Your (always) Oyster!




When you're young, you're constantly told that the world is at your fingertips, that it is an "oyster" all of your own, as if one day it won't be.

When you're young you have so many things, this is true - except you usually dont have money and you usually don't have yourself together enough to know what you're about, what you really like or want. Which I think, retrospectively can be a beautiful thing but at the time it's kind of stressful especially when you're experiencing 50 different emotions per hour! 

We're going so fast trying to get everything done and sorted before the world is no longer ours to venture, but actually - isn't the world is always our oyster? no matter how old we get, we're still living in it and we're still changing! I think it will be nice to see the world when I'm older, have a completely different experience of places where I'll be drinking fine wine, and doing it slowly - appreciating everything in front of me fully because I know for certain, that the race is only really against myself because change never ceases to occur, there is no one way to get somewhere.