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Bad Hair Day or Windy Weather - a head scarf can work wonders

Sunday Style Session with

Here are some fun ways to tie head scarves (images courtesy of stylisheve); great for windy days like it was here on the Sunny Coast and those bad hair days we all have occasionally.
We have a selection of bandanas in our Play store plus some light colourful summer scarves in our ladies store.

Short in Stature? Create the illusion of more height with this simple trick

Sunday Styling Session with i A.M. styling

This week I'd like to share a styling trick for those, like me, who would like to create the illusion of more height. By adding interest with colour, texture, pattern or accessories near your face and upper body you will effectively draw attention upward. Conversely, wearing eye-catching shoes or items lower on your body can have the opposite effect by drawing your overall look down. Eye-catchers placed above and below will have a balanced effect.

Just landed in store are our gorgeous Cotton Ethnic Embroidered Tunics. As you can see, the bright colours in the embroidery on the neck and chest are a real eye-catcher. Perfect for our little model powerhouse Nella, who we've also styled with our fun feather earrings

Add Interest with Texture

Sunday Style Session with @

TEXTURE: add interest to a garment with the use of texture. Texture can be the appearance, feel and surface of the fabric used.
Adding texture to a monochromatic (single colour) garment will add interest like in these gorgeous black shorts with the textured lace overlay. Perfectly paired with one of our square tees, they create a cool casual outfit ready for a relaxed gathering with friends.
These are available in both black & white from our Noosaville store and can be posted upon request.

Get Creative - Extend your dollar further by styling one top multiple ways

Sunday Styling Session with i A.M. styling

Are you a little twisted like me? I love to create multiple looks and extend the value of the dollar further by creating multiple looks with my wardrobe items.
I purchased this light V-neck singlet top from @kobomo for just $22.70! Here's a couple of ways I've decided to wear it using a simple 'twist'.

The 1st picture is shown just simply as it was designed. Cool, clean lines falling softly with a flattering neckline and hem length. Perfect paired with your favourite Capri pants, shorts or skirt. (Kobomo currently has tube skirts, gorgeous lace shorts and their top selling FILO basic pants that all work perfectly with this top).

The 2nd I've tied a simple knot at the front which is a styling trick that helps define your figure. Still great for pairing with your favourite bottoms but with a slight twist to add definition to your waist.

The 3rd I've styled it by layering the top over a dress. This effectively repurposes the dress to now look like a skirt. (Kobomo has a number of dresses that you could create this combination with including their maxi dresses).

Fashion is fun - enjoy! Amanda