"So what does 'KOBOMO' mean?"



KOBOMO is a created word. I made it up. While the end result is a fun, original word, the process I used to invent it was not. KOBOMO is the initials of my kid’s names. See? Not exactly the most original way to name a business.

But I am sure it is the right name for what we do at KOBOMO.

It might mean nothing at all in our English language, yet, like my kids, this word means the whole world to me.

It is creativity + purpose + heart.

Parents understand children give meaning and purpose beyond day-to-day living. Kids focus our intent, our values and priorities. They make us reflect on our past, present and future existence.

Yet children are frivolous, spending most of their time ‘indulging’ in play for the sake of it …. yet for a purpose.

On the surface fashion really is a frivolity, a vanity. Creating the KOBOMO clothing label and shop, assisting women with clothing choices and working with our remarkable team goes well beyond designing or selling pretty summer dresses.  It focus’ my intent, my values and priorities. It has become a vehicle for impacting our world and creating opportunities for others. A way of helping.

KOBOMO is creating to brighten your day. And all our tomorrows.

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  • Karen Ormerod