Why we do fashion!



Fashion is not just an everyday thing… Yes it’s worn every day and we see it every day but I do not believe it lives in the realm of mediocrity as every other ‘everyday thing’ does. A uniform is an everyday thing, practical footwear is an everyday thing, but in our time off, away from work, away from various domestic duties and in the moments we live for… what are we wearing?

Personally, I have bland days, days where taking off my bed socks is a very real struggle, and walking to the wardrobe and picking an outfit is an entirely different challenge all together. I’m okay with that – as long as I know feeling vibrant is just around the corner! This is where FASHION Vs. CLOTHING plays a fundamental role in our lives. We’re not all fashionistas, but we all know the difference between wearing something you feel comfortable and vibrant in versus something that’ll ‘just have to do.’

Here’s what I think – Fashion is not superficial… why? Because our feelings are not superficial. Not only that but I believe that the way we feel when we walk out the door is going to impact not only our day but the people around us’ day. We’re not all the same, and nor should we like all the same things; hence why people say that fashion can be an expression of self. If it is then what we’re really doing here is of brilliant importance! When you are yourself, you free others to be themselves… that is a sentiment worth living by!

So when it comes to fashion, it's really a liberation of self! freedom to dress how we feel or want to feel and in a way that compliments who we are! The right piece of clothing can give you the confidence to take on the world or a subtle sparkle to help BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY :) 

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