Dress me in JERSEY!





Jersey is a soft, comfy knit, a fab addition for any woman's wardrobe, mainly because it can be suited to so many occasions! From travel to office, around the house to out for dinner - jersey can be dressed up, down, rolled up and stretched out. Generally jersey is cotton blended with a synthetic material to give it it's stretch. Though everyone knows, when it comes to stretch fabrics, they like to cling! Often this being the case, many curvaceous woman are hesitant to utilise jersey fabrics. Let me assure you, as clingy and unflattering as you may think jersey is, it can do you a few HUGE favours as long as you choose a dress that skims not clings! 

We can always help find you the right jersey fit for your shape here at KOBOMO, we're experts in the stuff! We have a jersey dress for every shape, and jersey layers to play with too. A couple of things to note: 

If you're top heavy, a v-neck jersey dress is going to look best. Apple shapes, detailed necklines work well for drawing attention away from the midriff, so a set of colourful beads or a scarf wouldn't go astray. 

For bottom heavy ladies a tight fit around the top and skimming, loose-fit around the hips or drape style features are going to help smooth out bumps without adding extra weight.

Often even athletic body types can benefit from jersey by CREATING the illusion of curves with the help of a firmly fitting jersey dress. 

Jersey has got to be one of the most comfortable and versatile materials a gal could wear! So if you can make it work FOR you, it will be a forever friend! 


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