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I'm currently grappling with the idea of collecting ‘stuff’ to build a life. Right now while a lot of people my age are working on building their lives up with respectable careers, romantic relationships, cars, money and a solid social group… I’m in the process of reducing my life down into a backpack.

I'm selling my car. I've booked a one way ticket. I don't see myself settling any time soon to re-start my accumulation of stuff (and other complexities). Maybe there's something wrong with me?  The world puts such a high premium on 'stuff' and I feel that constantly! 

I am choosing instead, to live more simply! To have more fun, spend more time with my family. To be more me. Often I think the stuff I have accumulated is limiting me. It threatens to arrest my progression, mentally and physically. The clutter of life really is doing my head in! 

I do know homemaking and nesting can be greatly satisfying, but can I have this same satisfaction while keeping the fluidity of life that leads to great and varied adventures? Can I experience life in its satisfying fullness without the constant conveyer belt of stuff weighing me down? 

Possessing stuff doesn't feel like a successful life to me. I wish to measure my success in volumes of happiness! I could be delusional, but we'll see! :D

So now that I have shed my stuff to experience the world, I expect that the best is yet to come....!

(Sarah - KOBOMO blogger at large!)




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