Creating a Visually Balanced Look for those with Short Legs and a Longer Torso


Creating balance for those with short legs and longer torso

A vertically balanced body can be evenly divided into 4 equal parts from the tip of your head to the floor.

To create a balanced look if you have shorter legs in comparison with your torso you can employ the following tips:

* belts in a medium to wide width (this will effectively shorten the appearance of your torso), our hand-made Moroccan leather belts and elastic wide waist belts are perfect.

* waistlines just above the natural waist (this will give your legs a longer look and reduce the visual length of your torso too), eg our fabulously cool cotton Greta style dresses

* shoes & sandals that have a long vamp (opening) or expose a lot of your foot (lengthens the appearance of the leg). We have some gorgeous new sandals in store now.

Simple tricks can have dramatic effects...Amanda

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  • Karen Ormerod