Feet First - Never Sacrifice Comfort for Fashion


Sunday Styling Session with i A.M. styling...never sacrifice comfort for fashion especially on your feet.

Ever fallen victim to an irresistible looking pair of shoes only to discover after your first wear they're more pain than gain? You bring them out again assuring yourself each time they'll have worn in a bit by now, only to have your poor little tootsies screaming once more "take them off!"?

As we age we need to take into consideration a few little facts about our feet. For instance, did you know that we have less padding on the balls of our feet (it obviously migrates to other parts of our bodies like butts and tums I'm sure!)? Cushioned soles and well placed straps with a little 'give' can make a world of difference. Always try shoes on and do a few laps of the store before making a purchase.

There are many summer styles around and a simple white sandal can look elegant and crisp with most of your summer daytime wardrobe. These little sparkly numbers in the picture are in store add just the right amount of bling to add interest. With a spongy sole that's like walking on a cloud and comfortable elastic ankle strap, they tick all the boxes for both style and comfort.

Pick yours up before they're sold out - just $39.70

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  • Karen Ormerod