Flattering Hem Lengths


Fashion trends determine our hem lengths as they rise up and down our legs each season but there is one thing that remains true - the perfect length for your body will create the illusion of shapely legs. Conversely, the wrong length can widen & shorten your appearance.

The best tip I can give is to never end a hem at your widest leg point as it will only highlight the area and add extra visual width (eg if you have thick calves, don't wear garments with a hem length ending there. The same applies if you have wide ankles, avoid ending your hems on your ankle). Although the current midi length is popular at the moment, this length is one of the most difficult hem lengths to wear flatteringly. However, this can be somewhat rectified if you add width to the garment's silhouette (eg A-line styles) as the wider the hem the slimmer the legs can appear.

If you do find the perfect skirt or dress in all other ways (style, cut, fabric etc) but the hem isn't right don't be put off. Most hems can be let down to add some length or shortened to your most flattering length quite simply.

Most of our garments are designed with this in mind. Our Greta below-the-knee dress, Anne Shirt dress and Matilda dress all follow this design rule.

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  • Karen Ormerod