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Are you Bootilicious?

Sunday Styling Session with
We are all unique individuals and our bodies are no exception. On a daily basis we have many women of all ages and shapes asking for help to disguise their bottoms, arms, knees and arms.

Today I thought I'd offer some styling tips for those whom I like to refer to as the Bootilicious, the ones with gorgeous full-bodied rounded backsides.

Things to Avoid :
+ fuss on the bottom e.g. no embelishments, ruching, pleating or other design elements that will draw attention or visually add bulk to your bottom half;
+ bulky fabrics that will only add extra bulk to your backside;
+ high contrast, eye-catching prints and fabrics that will emphasis and draw the eyes to your buttocks;
+ tops that end at your widest point as our eyes will be drawn right where you don't want them to.

Try to:
+ buy items in fabrics that will softly skim rather than cling to your bottom half;
+ create visually more balanced proportions by widening your shoulders with v-neck and wide necked shirts and tops (eg our gathered rayon tops, Matilda dresses and square tees);
+ draw the eyes up by adding accessories, prints or design elements (we have some gorgeous accessories in store and online to choose from);
+ Wear 3/4 sleeved styled tops as our eyes will be drawn to where the sleeves end (i.e. usually in line with your waist) rather than at your bottom (think our Bella 3/4 kimino styles)
+ ensure tops end at your narrowest part e.g. at your waist or just below your buttocks (not across the middle of your bottom).
+ highlight your narrowest part eg your waist or just under your bust with a thin belt or drawstring styles. (Our Greta styles do this beautifully)

Outfit to 'disguise my narrow shoulders & scrawny arms'

Sunday Styling Session with i A.M. styling

It is very natural for us to feel comfortable when viewing things that are balanced and have symmetry. This week I had a delightful customer in store who wanted help to - "find an outfit that disguises my narrow shoulders & scrawny upper arms and hide my wider hips." Here's what I suggested...

To give the illusion of broader shoulders and upper body I suggested our white peasant top (it also comes in black as you may have seen in early posts). The silver embroidered stitching that runs horizontally across the upper chest and also features on the outer edge of the capped sleeves draws your eyes wide and from side to side. Voila! instant illusion of extra width in the shoulder/chest area.

I teamed it with our silver/grey double-stretch capri pants. With their slim fit they balanced out her overall look. The width created by the peasant top design plus its silver stitching were further accentuated by the silver of the pants.

Paired with some of our silver summer sandals she was ready to head to her casual lunch with friends. She was very happy as she had a lovely new outfit including shoes for well under $100!

This gorgeous outfit can be yours too with a simple click through to our shopping cart. Of course you can always pop in store if you live locally too, we'd love to see you.

Holiday Dressing - Cotton Fabrics are the go!

Sunday Styling Session with

It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the festive season and school holidays yet it wont be long and Easter will be here. With that is mind I wanted to share my tips for packing for a quick getaway focusing on clothing fabric selection.

I personally love natural fibres for their feel and comfort against my skin - they allow my skin to breath and keep me far fresher than other synthetic, hot sticky fabrics.

Our crinkle cotton range ticks all the boxes for me. Firstly they are 100% cotton, they are light and as the name suggests, they are meant to appear with a natural 'crinkle'...hellooo no ironing yay!

Twist them into a soft knot and they will squeeze easily into your luggage leaving more room for those holiday treasures you find. When you're at your destination, unravel and slip them on for cool casual elegance that will take your from day to night with the simple addition of some bling and snazzy sandals (we've got those in store too!).

For a quick freshen up or if you are frolicking a little too close to the water, just rinse them and they'll dry in no time flat ready to go again before you know it.

Available on or in store at our Noosaville Boutique. New stock and colours just in!



Use Colours and Print Effects to flatter

We can employ simple styling techniques using colour and print to create the illusion of a more balanced look.  Below are three pictures of the same dress in different prints. Despite being the same style (and the first image being long-sleeved), you can easily see they appear quite different from one another.

When comparing each one notice where you eye is drawn, does it 'land' on one particular area, does is move up and down or side to side?  For example, in the first image your eyes are drawn to the bright border on the sleeves and bottom hem. In the second image your eye will move up and down following the strong vertical pattern effectively lengthening the body. Lastly, the floral print in this dress confuses the eye so that it wont settle in one particular area which is a great way to disguise any problem areas.

This is an easy styling trick to keep in mind and can serve you well to disguise or accentuate areas of your body or to widen/lengthen areas too.
Happy styling Amanda