The Ever Versatile Scarf & Pashmina


Sunday Styling Session with i A.M. styling - the ever versatile Scarf & Pashmina

The weather has finally cooled here on the beautiful Sunny Coast and although we don't have the Autumn chills of our southern neighbours, a change in wardrobe accessories is needed. Welcome the ever versatile scarf and pashmina.

* perfect to add a little warmth & protection. Did you know that in Chinese medicine they say a cold first enters our bodies via our necks? Have one tucked in your handbag ready when the sun goes down or the wind picks up.

* add interest with colour, texture, pattern

* hide upper arms

* wrap around waist as a makeshift belt or sash

* create visual illusions using long horizontal lines when worn vertically draping down the body

* draw they eyes up towards your face by adding a bright scarf around your neck over an otherwise plain outfit

There are so many ways to accessorise with scarves and pashminas they are one of my must haves. We have so many gorgeous ones in store at the moment the hardest part is choosing. Amanda

Pashmina scarf wrap with paisley pattern. Magenta pink.


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  • Karen Ormerod