Trending now - Cuffs and Wrist Wraps


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Trending now - Cuffs & Wrist Wraps

Cuffs will be huge this year with looks ranging from leather and studs, to metallics and more delicate jewelled designs.

When choosing the right cuff/wrap for you take into consideration both the style and size of the cuff.

Firstly your wrist size needs to be considered in relation to the cuff's style, width and textural appearance.

A fine delicate cuff can look out of place on a thicker wrist, whereas a cuff with more width and heavier appearance will look more balanced and appealing. Conversely a small wrist will look overwhelmed by a wide, heavy looking cuff. NB as with all accessories, the main aim is to enhance rather than distract from our unique features.

Obviously the style of the cuff should coordinate with the rest of your outfit to create an harmonious look.

We have a wide range of both cuffs and wrist wraps in store to choose from and we'd be happy to help you select the right accessory for you.

Tigers Eye Stone Wrap Bracelet

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