Lee, simply the bee's knees



A little bit about our beautiful Lee... she's a woman with absolutely no nonsense about her, a quality that possibly stems from growing up in a family of eight and raising three boys of her own. She’s our ‘can-do’ gal with a natural disposition for…well, pretty much anything. A wife, a mother, a long-time small business owner, an active community member and a friend to many. Lee’s contributions spread high and far with great panache and more compassion than you can poke a stick at.


“Women come in to buy clothes for a whole lot of reasons. I mean a lot of the women come in and they don’t want to buy, they just want to come in and chat and say hi. I mean, they’ve previously bought, but feel comfortable enough to come in and not buy and I think that, that’s when we’re doing our job well. “ - Lee

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  • Karen Ormerod