Use Colours and Print Effects to flatter


We can employ simple styling techniques using colour and print to create the illusion of a more balanced look.  Below are three pictures of the same dress in different prints. Despite being the same style (and the first image being long-sleeved), you can easily see they appear quite different from one another.

When comparing each one notice where you eye is drawn, does it 'land' on one particular area, does is move up and down or side to side?  For example, in the first image your eyes are drawn to the bright border on the sleeves and bottom hem. In the second image your eye will move up and down following the strong vertical pattern effectively lengthening the body. Lastly, the floral print in this dress confuses the eye so that it wont settle in one particular area which is a great way to disguise any problem areas.

This is an easy styling trick to keep in mind and can serve you well to disguise or accentuate areas of your body or to widen/lengthen areas too.
Happy styling Amanda

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  • Karen Ormerod