Are you Bootilicious?


Sunday Styling Session with
We are all unique individuals and our bodies are no exception. On a daily basis we have many women of all ages and shapes asking for help to disguise their bottoms, arms, knees and arms.

Today I thought I'd offer some styling tips for those whom I like to refer to as the Bootilicious, the ones with gorgeous full-bodied rounded backsides.

Things to Avoid :
+ fuss on the bottom e.g. no embelishments, ruching, pleating or other design elements that will draw attention or visually add bulk to your bottom half;
+ bulky fabrics that will only add extra bulk to your backside;
+ high contrast, eye-catching prints and fabrics that will emphasis and draw the eyes to your buttocks;
+ tops that end at your widest point as our eyes will be drawn right where you don't want them to.

Try to:
+ buy items in fabrics that will softly skim rather than cling to your bottom half;
+ create visually more balanced proportions by widening your shoulders with v-neck and wide necked shirts and tops (eg our gathered rayon tops, Matilda dresses and square tees);
+ draw the eyes up by adding accessories, prints or design elements (we have some gorgeous accessories in store and online to choose from);
+ Wear 3/4 sleeved styled tops as our eyes will be drawn to where the sleeves end (i.e. usually in line with your waist) rather than at your bottom (think our Bella 3/4 kimino styles)
+ ensure tops end at your narrowest part e.g. at your waist or just below your buttocks (not across the middle of your bottom).
+ highlight your narrowest part eg your waist or just under your bust with a thin belt or drawstring styles. (Our Greta styles do this beautifully)

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  • Karen Ormerod