Outfit to 'disguise my narrow shoulders & scrawny arms'


Sunday Styling Session with i A.M. styling

It is very natural for us to feel comfortable when viewing things that are balanced and have symmetry. This week I had a delightful customer in store who wanted help to - "find an outfit that disguises my narrow shoulders & scrawny upper arms and hide my wider hips." Here's what I suggested...

To give the illusion of broader shoulders and upper body I suggested our white peasant top (it also comes in black as you may have seen in early posts). The silver embroidered stitching that runs horizontally across the upper chest and also features on the outer edge of the capped sleeves draws your eyes wide and from side to side. Voila! instant illusion of extra width in the shoulder/chest area.

I teamed it with our silver/grey double-stretch capri pants. With their slim fit they balanced out her overall look. The width created by the peasant top design plus its silver stitching were further accentuated by the silver of the pants.

Paired with some of our silver summer sandals she was ready to head to her casual lunch with friends. She was very happy as she had a lovely new outfit including shoes for well under $100!

This gorgeous outfit can be yours too with a simple click through to our shopping cart. Of course you can always pop in store if you live locally too, we'd love to see you.

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  • Karen Ormerod