Using Necklines to your Advantage


Sunday Styling Session with i A.M. styling - Using Necklines to your advantage

Breaking down a garment into specific design elements allows us to get a better understanding as to the best styles to suit our body type and individual proportions. Today I'm going to focus on necklines.

A wide neckline such as a 'boat', 'bateau' and off the shoulder types visually widen the upper chest & shoulder area. This style work well for those with small to average sized busts but can make more bustier women appear too top heavy. Great style for creating balance for women who are heavier in their lower halves (pair shapes).

A v-neck or tapered neckline will 'divide & conquer' to create a slimmer & longer looking torso. Usually a very flattering style.

High round necklines are popular with some of our mature women who prefer to keep their décolleté covered. This style works well for small to mid sized busts.

We have our signature styles plus new stock arriving weekly with all manner of necklines to suit.


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  • Karen Ormerod